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Quality Control Procedures

The Dartech Information Technology Cambridge IT Skills Center and all its subordinate branches are subject to quality control procedures by the International Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge and by its offices in the Arab region. As for the local syndicate, which supervises the performance and quality of the subordinate centers, it also carries out inspection visits during the courses and may attend all the exams in any of the centers

Training Materials and Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The Cambridge IT Skills Center provides a set of TNAs' and supporting materials which help the candidates to prepare the training courses. These materials include exercises executed on the computer.

Also, particular attention has been given to the translation process of the relevant training materials. Indeed, all the training materials have been made available in Arabic by the effort of the Cambridge IT Skills Center to help the candidate overcome possible difficulties due to the foreign language. The material is provided to each candidate upon registration for the Program, and each candidate can chose the windows and MS Office versions he/she needs, as Cambridge IT Skills Center has launched different versions of the software starting with Windows XP with Office 2003, Windows VISTA with office 2007 and Windows 7 with office 2007 and office 2010, Now we are working on the windows 8 with office 2013 materials and software. Furthermore, to successfully apply what they have learned during the courses, the candidates need to exercise their skills on computers. This is why the examination centers provide modern facilities that can be used by the candidates at any time. All these materials were designed to meet the requirements and goals of the International Diploma in IT Skills