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IBDL Level 1

IBDL Level 1: Understanding Business:

IBDL Level one provides students with an integrated “big picture” approach to business that covers all the most important functional areas of business. Students while clearly and concisely cover the main concepts and theories they need to know to understand business today. The coverage provides them with the essential knowledge of the main building blocks of business without drowning them in details. This introduction to business contains state-of-the-art content and descriptions of current business practices yet explains the nature of business with an emphasis on its applications for people and organizations.


Developing individual’s ability to understand business skills effectively through:

  1. Developing individual’s ability to interact with others within the real business environment in terms of productivity and business spoken language.
  2. Facilitating the understanding of the functions of each department in the organization and knowledge of modern methods to increase productivity and efficiency.
  3. Explaining the traits of a successful entrepreneur processes and understanding the different types of businesses and how businesses can grow.
  4. Understanding the functions of management and how management could be expressed and analyzed.
  5. Understanding the importance of leadership and motivation of employees within a business environment.
  6. Illustrating the process of Human Resources Management and how it could be manipulated to increase employee performance and efficiency.
  7. Understanding the marketing functions and how it could be formulated to better reach of your customers.
  8. Defining and explaining the key accounting and financial terms, statements and reports.
  9. Describing the nature of the global markets and developing strategies of reaching them.
  10. Defining ethics and social responsibility of the individuals and corporate within the business field.
  11. Explaining the role of information technology in the modern business environment.


Fresh university graduates, new business comers and corporate developing their first-line employees.

Training Materials

McGraw Hill Business Publishing


This course is a preparation for the international exam of IBDL Level 1 credential.

Table of Contents:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business
  2. Management: Functions and Styles
  3. Leadership and Motivation
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Marketing: Product and Price
  6. Marketing: Place and Promotion
  7. Understanding Financial Information and Accounting
  8. Business in Global Markets
  9. Demonstrating Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility
  10. Information technology in Business