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PARTNERSHIP Timely and responsive, consistent and reliable, we understand our partners are running a thriving business and we offer flexible solutions to meet their unique needs. Our exceptional service is the key to success for our training partners.

Benefits of Partnership in IBDL

To join a large network of worldwide training and exams centers, educational institutions, trainers and trainees.

  • IBDL™ Welcome Kit: On confirmation of your status as an IBDL™ ATP, you will receive a welcome kit that contains an IBDL™ CTP membership certificate and additional sales support materials.
  • IBDL™ Certified trainer Program: group of the most qualified, accredited and certified trainers will play a great role in assisting trainees to understand the content, gain new skills and pass the exam.
  • IBDL Marketing Programs: Joint marketing and marketing support are the unique features of IBDL ATP program. The IBDL ATP Support Team will be available to assist partners in developing marketing strategies along with providing pre-designed marketing and promotional campaigns, including IBDL ™ brochures and logos, flyers, ad campaigns, handouts, and more.
  • IBDL ™ logo usage: All ATP partners have the right to use IBDL ™ ATP logos for web sites, marketing materials, and other documentation.
  • Educational Support: Providing educational support for all partners “training centers and exams - Trainers -Trainees” Such as support visits, educational publications – Online Learning Center (OLC) – CPS (Wireless Classroom Performance System) - Homework Manager – Student Resources.

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