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Prepared by Mc Graw-hill and Academics ,Experts and professionals IBDL Foundation and Community College, the Instructor’s Manual contains material above and beyond what you need to prepare an effective classroom experience. Bulin has had many years of experience preparing instructor’s manuals, student study guides, Web-based study guides, and test banks. The Instructor’s Manual for Introduction to Business includes a “road map” for each chapter, teaching tips, and other useful information that can be used to capture the interest of students. In detail, the manual includes the following:

  1. Lecture outlines with embedded figures, tables, and PowerPoint slides notations.
  2. Teaching Tips.
  3. “Think about It” questions to stimulate classroom discussion.
  4. Discussion points.
  5. Discussion questions based on each chapter’s learning objectives.
  6. PowerPoint notations.
  7. Figures-library references.
  8. Instructions on how to use the Active Classroom Resource Manual ( later in the Preface on this new manual).
  9. Instructions on how to use the “Build Your Management Skills” exercises (more later in the Preface about these self-assessment exercises).
  10. Answers to end-of-chapter material and discussion questions.
VHS and DVD Video Collections:

The VHS Video Collection that accompanies the text contains one video for every chapter from sources such as Business Week TV, NBC News, PBS, and even originally produced material. Topics range from marketing and product development at 3M, to motivation at The Container Store, to leadership and influence with Sylvia Rhone, formerly of Elektra Records. The Student DVD contains the “Small Business in Action” videos highlighted in the boxes in the text, and the entire collection of videos that are found on the Instructor VHS and Student DVD, respectively, can be found on the Instructor Video DVD.

Printed Test bank and Computerized Test bank:

Prepared by Jim Steele of Chattanooga State Technical Community College, the Test bank contains a variety of true/false, multiple-choice, and essay questions, as well as “scenario-based” questions. These questions are application-based and use a situation described in a narrative. Three-to five, multiple-choice test questions based on the situation described in the narrative are then included. The Computerized Test bank can be found on the Instructor’s CD-ROM.

PowerPoint Slides:

Prepared by Ray Polchow, Zane State College, the PowerPoint collection contains everything from an easy-to-follow outline, to additional slides with embedded video clips and Web links, to figure downloads from the text. This versatility allows you to create a custom presentation suitable for your own tastes and needs.

Active Classroom Resource Guide:

For those of you who are looking for additional material for in-class or out, McGraw-Hill/Irwin has developed the Active Classroom Resource Manual, containing cases, exercises, and project ideas (and accompanying Instructor Notes) for nearly every introductory course topic, including economics (supply and demand), ethics and social responsibility (whistle blowing), and entrepreneurship (SWOT Analysis). Many of the exercises were the result of reviewer feedback indicating that they wanted to delve into more difficult introduction to business topics.

Online Learning Center (OLC) with Premium Content:

Access everything you need to teach your course through our convenient Online Learning Center (OLC). A secure Instructor Resource Center stores your essential course materials to save you prep time before class. The Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint, and additional material for your students are now just a couple of clicks away. You will also find useful packaging information and notes on the Online Learning Center.

CPS (Wireless Classroom Performance System) by instruction:

Have you ever asked yourself: “How can I measure class participation?” alternatively, “How do I encourage class participation?” If so, then CPS might be the product for you. CPS enables you to poll students and record their responses to questions posed on a PowerPoint slide as well as monitor their attendance. CPS also offers a variety of reporting features, including grade books that are easy to export to Web CT or Blackboard. For your students, CPS is as simple as using buttons on a remote control. Questions can be designed by you, or you can choose from a set of 20 per chapter available for the book. Ask your local McGraw-Hill/Irwin Sales Representative how to get CPS for your classroom.

Homework Manager:

McGraw-Hill’s Homework Manager (MHHM) uses selected problems from video quizzes and chapter quizzes to help students develop problem solving skills. The students log in to complete the homework assignments and submit them for immediate, automatic grading. Each class has its own unique homepage that contains assignment material specific to the course and instructor. The assignments can be used to determine part of the overall grade your students receive. You control the rules and policies surrounding the assignments, which can range from low-stakes, self-study sessions to homework sessions and high-stakes, proctored exams.

When an assignment is published, you determine when it is available to students and establish the due date and grade parameters recorded in the system’s grade book. The system provides students with a graded assignment report that can include feedback about incorrect answers and other helpful study information. Ask your local McGraw-Hill/Irwin Sales Representative how to get the optimal package of Homework Manager and related textual material for you and your students.